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Camelot on a warm, sunny day

Welcome to Camelot![edit]

This wiki serves as the repository of information, past and present, about the "Kingdom of Camelot" from the game Utopia.

Camelot's History[edit]

Camelot was founded in Age 66, often referred to as the age of Perception.

For many ages, people were oppressed by controlling dictators. King Aragorn and Luthien rose up and cast out the controlling regime of Von the Consumer in Age 65. They then established the Kingdom of Camelot in Age 66.

The ancient tomes of the past, and modern advances of the present, are preserved in the library.

The Great Migration[edit]

In the 73rd age, the Kingdom of Camelot waged war against the eggplant people of 4:17. The few people that weren't consumed and turned into delicious dip fled our overwhelming forces. Over the course of the rest of the age, our court mages, lead by the Lady of the Lake, spent the remainder of the age focused on terraforming spells, in preparation for colonization. At the dawn of the 74th page, Camelot resettled on the former lands of the Eggplant people, and became the new lords of 4:17.

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For a list of Current or past members, please see MemberList[edit]

The Glory Wall serves to memorialize the achievements of the kingdom's members. It is most certainly not a collection of Glory Holes.


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